Bluvalt® is a comprehensive cloud computing service founded on a forward-looking vision. We have carefully selected best-in-class technologies throughout. However, Bluvalt® is much more than just great technology.

Bluvalt is a registered trademark of STC Group.



Bluvalt® contains all the components to run an effective cloud service including:

  • A marketplace allowing your clients to select from a large number of turn-key SaaS deployments as well as computing, networking and storage solutions
  • Virtual datacenters are your fully-powered datacenters without hardware and maintenance issues
  • A single sign-on gives you complete access to all of your cloud resources
  • Comprehensive billing for both customers and 3rd party service providers
  • High grade security – ISO compliant
  • and more ...


Our outstanding operations staff, policies and procedures provide 24/7 support to our entire cloud infrastructure. This ensures that all customer resources privately hosted on our cloud are available and secure at all times. You can focus on your business, your subscribers, etc. and leave the operational aspects entirely to us.

We offer cloud services that are ISO certified for both data center security and complete cloud privacy. Our cloud services are fully ISO compliant for information security (ISO27001: Information technology - Security techniques - Information security management systems - Requirements) and privacy (ISO27018: Code of practice for protection of personally identifiable information (PII) in public clouds acting as PII processors).

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Bluvalt® Commercial

Bluvalt® Commercial covers all the commercial aspects required for a Bluvalt® powered cloud to operate in a profitable manner including different business models, guidance on commercial product development, management frameworks and much more. Bluvalt™ Legal has prepared a comprehensive set of standard agreements for different types of Bluvalt™ partners and customers.

These legal documents include but are not limited to Partnership Agreements, Customer Agreements, Terms of Use Policies, Privacy Policies and other legal documents that are critical to operate comprehensive cloud services.

This well-prepared foundation will ensure that you receive exactly what you should expect from the leading cloud services provider.


Bluvalt® Cloud Partnership Programs

Bluvalt® Cloud Partnership Program is the framework for collaboration between Bluvalt® and our partners offering a wide range of benefits, training, certifications and rewards to ensure our mutual success. It includes a range of partner programs to meet the needs of a variety of partner types.

The program is designed to help partners deliver innovative value added services, solutions and business applications powered by Bluvalt® Enterprise Class Data Centers (designed and certified to Tier III & Tier IV standard 2(n+1) uptime) to solve their customers' business needs and requirements.

There are different partner types that make the program easy to enter and to increase levels of expertise and benefits, based on business customer needs and requirements. Bluvalt™ Cloud Partnership Program® members can be in one or more of the following programs:

  • BCSP (Bluvalt Cloud Service Provider)
  • BCIP (Bluvalt Cloud Integrator Partner)
  • BCTP (Bluvalt Cloud Technology Partner)